Cinnamon Rolls & Cookbooks

Junior Leagues the world over are known for their cookbooks, and Junior League of St. Louis is known for its Cinnamon Rolls. Both are available at our Headquarters at 106 N. Kirkwood Rd.

Junior League of St. Louis’ Cinnamon Rolls

In the early 1940s, the JLSL headquarters were located in the Central West End, next door to Saks Fifth Avenue. At the time, part of JLSL’s community outreach revolved around a small kitchen and Tearoom where members not only served food, but also developed JLSL recipes.

JLSL lore has it that a devoted member and a few of her friends happened upon the idea of creating a JLSL Cinnamon Roll, and they spent hours in the kitchen perfecting the recipe. Almost instantly, the Cinnamon Roll was a mainstay on the Tearoom menu, and baking became a daily operation. By the 1960s, JLSL Cinnamon Rolls were a St. Louis classic, with hundreds baked for luncheons and parties – and you can imagine what the holiday season baking was like!

When JLSL moved from Frontenac to Des Peres in 2005, internal production of the Cinnamon Roll ceased. Three years later, a group of Sustainers worked diligently to replicate the recipe, and JLSL Cinnamon Rolls were reborn.

Both Active and Sustaining members now produce thousands of Cinnamon Rolls each year, with the most dedicated bakers “earning their aprons” by working five or more shifts throughout the JLSL year.

JLSL Cinnamon Rolls are available at the following St. Louis locations:

  • Junior League of St. Louis Headquarters, 106 N. Kirkwood Rd., 63122
  • The Woman’s Exchange
  • Straub’s: Central West End, Clayton, Town & Country & Webster Groves
  • Ladue Market
  • The Smokehouse Market
  • The Art of Entertaining
  • Baumann’s Fine Meats
  • Freddie’s Market

JLSL Cinnamon Rolls are always in stock at our Headquarters in Downtown Kirkwood (106 N. Kirkwood Rd., 63122), but we recommend reserving them during the holidays. To reserve Cinnamon Rolls for pick-up from the Junior League of St. Louis Headquarters, call (314) 822-2344.

If you are interested in carrying Junior League of St. Louis Cinnamon Rolls at your restaurant or business, please contact


Junior League of St. Louis’ Cookbooks

Since its humble beginning as a French fur-trapping outpost more than 300 years ago, the City of St. Louis has attracted people with wonderfully rich ethnic traditions. Influenced by this diversity, St. Louis cuisine is unique in ways not seen in other areas of the country. Saint Louis Days, Saint Louis Nights, JLSL’s cookbook, celebrates this rich heritage with recipes as diverse as a St. Louis gooey butter cake and “Flamingo Surprise” to lowfat gazpacho and “Show Me” guacamole.

In print since 1994, more than 55,000 copies of Saint Louis Days, Saint Louis Nights are in circulation. You can find your own copy at:

  • Cornucopia, Kirkwood;
  • Gateway Arch Museum Store, St. Louis;
  • Kitchen Conservatory, St. Louis; and
  • Junior League of St. Louis Headquarters, 106 N. Kirkwood Rd, 63122.

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