Funding & Support

As a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Junior League of St. Louis (JLSL) actively fundraises to support its community impact and membership development efforts. We generate annual revenue through six fundraising avenues:

Each of our more than 500 Active and Sustaining members plays a role in supporting JLSL’s fundraising endeavors through her annual dues contribution, as well as volunteer hours spent staffing Cinnamon Roll baking shifts, sales hours at the JLSL Boutique, and shifts at our special events each year.

Financial support of Junior League of St. Louis is used to train and educate League members for effective community service, as well as support initiatives and programs where League volunteers serve.

We invite JLSL members, area businesses and the public to support our activities through our fundraising events. All proceeds support our mission and help us continue to positively impact the community we have proudly served for more than 100 years.