Transfer Process & Procedures

Interested in Transferring to the Junior League of St. Louis?

Transferring into the Junior League of St. Louis is a great opportunity for you to be able to learn more about our League as well as meet new friends and make connections within the St. Louis community.  The procedure to transfer is easy!  Simply follow the steps below.  Please note:  In order to transfer you must be in good standing with your previous League.

Any Provisional, Active or Sustaining member in good standing of a Junior League may transfer membership to another Junior League.  A member who transfers to another Junior League shall be granted the status consistent with the specifications of membership categories of the receiving Junior League.  A provisional member who transfers has the right to complete the training for effective community and Junior League involvement as determined by the receiving Junior League.

No member shall at any one time be a member of more than one Junior League.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at  We look forward to meeting you!

Step 1:
Complete your transfer paperwork with your current League.

Step 2:
Your current League is then responsible for submitting your paperwork to the AJLI eupdate system.  If you have questions regarding the transfer process, please contact the Member Liaison/Receptionist at  After your paperwork is received the Member Liaison/Receptionist will contact you.

Step 3:
A member of the JLSL Membership and Training Team will then contact you and will advise you of the Teams that you may consider joining and the requirements you will need to complete for the remainder of the League year. 

Welcome to the Junior League of St. Louis!